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How Handmade Rug Designs Can Help Style Up Your Home Decor?

The charisma and magic that handmade rugs add to decor is remarkable. The intricate designs and unique look that comes with each handmade rug makes them all so special and endearing. Adorning the floors of the house with handmade rugs allows us to add art and style in the most sophisticated manner.

Handmade Rugs - The Best of the Best

Handmade rugs can be hand tufted or hand knotted. For a hand knotted rug, the artisans use the technique of creating knots by hand and these knots that are tied at the back side create beautiful and intricate designs on the surface of the rug. Hand knotted rugs are the best handmade rugs primarily because each piece created is different and unique. Even if the same artisan sits down to create the same pattern, there would always be slight differences that one can observe in the pieces made.

But it is not the precision that makes these rugs so lovely, it’s the fact that each rug made with this technique is a result of hard work, dedication and craftsmanship shown by the weaver. The hand tufted rugs are made by hand too, but with the help of a tufting tool. The variety of designs and colours that one can find in hand tufted rugs are plenty, and they are more economical than hand-knotted rugs. So, when budget is a constraint, opting for a hand-tufted rug is an equally good option.

best handmade rugs

The Beauty of Natural Rugs

Rugs with natural fibres like jute, sisal and sea grass are perfect to add a calm and serene touch to the interior. The texture and natural feel that these rugs add to any space make them so ideal for floor decor around the house. The light and earthy colour of natural rugs lend a more open and airy feel to the room and creates a really soothing ambience for the eyes.

There is an abundant variety of natural rugs online, which makes it so simple and easy to procure them. They have been favourites for designers around the globe as they lend a sense of style to the place that remains timeless and eternal. Rugs made with hemp are also gaining a lot of popularity among users as they are both natural and organic fibres that help create sustainable decor for households in the form of rugs.

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Simple Yet Stylish Rugs for Bedroom

Many people do not relate to rugs as a bedroom decor accessory, but the magic a bedroom rug does to the floors of the room is something which needs to be experienced first-hand.

The two very popular rug styles that work well for bedrooms include the long rectangular side rugs that create a soft and warm side landing on the sides of the bed, and the second is the classy effect that is by adding big rugs for bedroom. The rug should be big enough and laid in a way that three-fourth of it goes under the bed with the sides coming out from all three sides of the bed. This setting for a bedroom rug adds a really luxe and exclusive look to bedroom interiors.

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Rugs in Bold Colours

The colourful rugs are a great way to add a dash of colour to the floors and create a break from the wooden or stone finished floors of the house. There are many area rugs online in India that are made using the screen-printing technique. The screen-printing process is used to add beautiful and bold colours to certain areas of the rug surface.

In this technique, a mesh screen is put on the surface of the rug and the coloured printing ink is passed through it. As this screen has certain areas that do not allow the ink to pass through, it becomes like a stencil and a lovely printed image is attained on the rug below. The result we see is in the form of stunning vibrant rugs that are perfect for lively and dazzling interiors.

area rugs online in India

Whatever your taste may be, you can surely find a rug that fits in your style and liking. Make sure to add rugs to your home to add a warm and welcoming feel to the rooms. The textures and layers created through rugs add more depth and intensity to the interior of any place.

It is a wonderful home decor item that will seem inevitable once you experience the difference that it creates and the transformational look that it gives to any space.

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